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The coming of the Kingdom Premium

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Christmas began in an occupied country. Its people, subject to an alien rule, had a low expectation of the future. There was corruption and cynicism amongst the leaders, a certain amount of superstit

Man was born in Palestine Premium

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John Dalrymple

When people are not sure of themselves or of the subject they are talking about, they tend to use long words, phrases which circle round the subject without actually hitting

How Monsignor Quixote set off on his travels Premium

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Graham Greene

In our Christmas issue of 1978 we published a piece of work in progress which Graham Greene said might never be completed. It was called "How Fr Quixote became a Monsignor." T

Two ladies of Cracow Premium

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Vincent Cronin

Perhaps the most striking lady in Cracow is Italian and exactly 500 years old. She wears a blue and dark apricot Spanish-style dress and sits in the centre of a large room of

Sausages and sacraments Premium

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Geoffrey Jackson

A Little Christmas meditation and recollec-tion will settle my nerves, I hope. They need it, after a strenuous year culminating in the two rashest temptings of providence o

The real self? Premium

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Save of course for our frequent encoun-ters at Mass. There she was blind to everyone, took communion with fierce little bobs and devotions all of her own, and withdrew afterwards into a long and inte


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Sadly, this year many families who are being cruelly affected by unemployment will have to face what they will consider a very lean Christmas. We sincerely wish it were otherwise.

Many, how

Christmas for thepeople Premium

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Gerald O'Collins

When reading Johann Baptist Metz's latest book to appear in English, Faith in History and Society (Burns & Oates, 1980), I was struck by the way he criticised "professional

What did Simeon see? Premium

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Bernard Basset

Our story has to start sadly, for two years ago, near Christmas, Mother died. We had always supposed that God in his wisdom would take Dad first. Mum could have coped with he

A family Christmas Premium

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Magdalen Goffin

Five of them waited in the drawing-room for the car to arrive. They stood under a portrait of the children's grandfather. He was standing, too, behind him a darkened window;

Heaven on wheels Premium

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Isabel Quigly

Cambridge without bicycles is unimagina-ble, a Sahara without sand. From mathematical nonagenarians to five-year-olds with L-plates, cyclists swoop and swarm with a vigour and

The Avocado of Banana Premium

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Susan Chitty

"There must be one book we can throw away," I said, surveying our overflowing collection. We were about to adopt my mother's books and there didn't seem to be a yard of shelf s

Periscope: John F. X. Harriott No abiding city Premium

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"Then Joseph rose and took the child and his mother and fled into Egypt." I do not know how often those words will be spoken this Christmastide, or how many people across the face of the globe will h

Letters Premium

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For the record

From the Rt Hon. N. St John-Stevas MP

Sir: On 5 July yourpaper published a sharp attack on me for having dared to give an interview to a rival paper, the Catholic H

Christmas books III Premium

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Unreal city

Winter Garden

Beryl Bainbridge Duckworth, £5.95 This is perhaps Beryl Bainbridge's funniest novel, and one in which she has carried her talent for understated catastro

As useful as bibles Premium

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The Promise

Keith Ward SPCK, £3.95 The Dean of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, sets out to tell the stories of the Pentateuch in a modern way, not dressing them up in modern costume, but using the

Language of the heart Premium

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City of Razors, and other poems

Eddie Linden Jay Landesman, £2.50 Reading City of Razors must be a painful experience for the author's friends, sharing in these poems his own experiences of

Cinema Premium

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Maryvonne Butcher

At last a movie unreservedly recommended for holiday viewing. Flash Gordon (ABC Shaftesbury Ave; A) is just what one would have hoped for an epic about this clean-living h

Broadcasting Premium

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Bryan Appleyard

On Sunday 28 December at 12.15pm, BBC 1 begins an experimental series of worship programmes entitled This is the Day. I am writing about this series in advance because the t

The Church in the World Premium

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News and notes


Schillebeeckx case

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has "reached its conclusions" in the case of Professor Edward Schillebeeckx OP, who

El Salvador report Premium

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The special mission, appointed by President Carter to investigate the murder of three American Maryknoll missionaries and a lay church worker (see The Tablet, 13

December) has reported th

Call for justice Premium

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According to a report from Agence France Presse, on 9 December the cathedral in San Salvador was occupied by a group of some 20 priests and religious, who were demanding justice after the murder, on

Catholic schools Premium

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Roman Catholics in Canada have expressed their anxiety that proposals put forward by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau for a new federal constitution containing a charter of rights may adversely affect t

Bishops' concern Premium

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In the middle of last month, the bishops of Uganda issued a pastoral letter, which, although it was clearly written with the election in mind, expressing concern at the allegations of intimidation, r

South Africa Premium

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The following is the full text of a statement issued by the bishops of England and Wales during their November meeting.

(1) We, the bishops of England and Wales, wish to express our