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Debating beside the point Premium

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The Budget debate ground inexorably to a halt on Mon-day. Throughout, it had borne striking testimony to the ineffectiveness of a parliamentary system founded on con-frontation between government and


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Chile. The apostolic nunciature in Santiago has given asylum to 31 Chileans claiming to be under political persecu-tion by the government. Several of them broke through a heavy police guard and jumpe

In the margin: John Dalrymple Premium

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The elements of Christianity

I recently re-read von HUgel's Mysti-cal Element of Religion. The marvellous riches of the baron's thought thrilled me once again as they never fail to do. Von

The fight for education Premium

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The interest evoked by the fourth "black paper," The Fight for Education (Dent, 95p) is greater than that awak-ened by its predecessors. Anything serving to coordinate lay concern and practitioners'


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Irish bishops: majority of victims

the Catholic minority The following statement has been is-sued by Cardinal William Conway and the Catholic bishops of the ecclesiastical province of Armag

The moral issue Premium

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We even have a Defence Sales Organi-sation (Dso) set up by the Labour Gov-ernment in 1966. At the time Mr Healey, and no doubt he speaks for the man in the street and even in the pulpit, said: "While

The arms trade Premium

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Bruce Kent

Recent requests for arms from Libya and elsewhere have put this perennial problem on the front pages Mgr Kent is the National Chaplain of Pax Christi, which holds its annual inte

forward Premium

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Karl Rahner accused you once of hav-ing become a liberal Protestant. Do you think that you are really a liberal Protestant?

Well, first, liberal is not a bad word and Protestant is not a ba

An interview with John Wilkins Premium

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The Swiss theologian was recently interviewed for the BBC External Services in a programme which reproduced only a part of the following exchange.

You've had a lot of difficulty in your rel

Figures and facts Premium

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R. F. Cunningham

The Secretary of the Catholic Education Council examines the statistics of Catholic leakage recently presented by a well-known demographer.

Mr A. C. E. W. Spence

Who are the alienated? Premium

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Let us leave on one side for the moment the question of what exactly he means, accept the notion of alienation from the Church without specifying what constitutes it, and look at his figures for the

Knowing and feeling Premium

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Thinking about God John Macquarrie (scM, £3.50)

The Concept of God Keith Ward (Blackwell, £5.00) In the first sentence of his introduction Ward writes that he will be concerned with the con

Books and the arts Premium

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Defensive apologetic

A Theology of the New Testament

George Eldon Ladd (Lutterworth Press, £5.80) Professor Ladd has divided his book into six sections; half of his 630 pages are

Moral principles Premium

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Duty and Discernment ed. G. R. Dunstan

(scm, £2.00) This collection of essays in search of principles of Christian moral judgment (it does not deal with concrete issues) arises from a serie

Spanish testaments Premium

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The Spanish Terror:

Spanish Imperalism in the Sixteenth Century Maurice Rowdon (Constable, £3.95) King of Two Worlds: King Philip II of Spain Edward Grierson (Collins, £4.50) The 16th centu

Cinema Premium

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Maryvonne Butcher

Watching Harry and Tonto (Rialto; A) was rather like indulging in an illicit feast of Mars bars: nice but sick-making. In a less barren week this film, which recently won

Broadcasting Premium

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Robert Myddleton

Sunday (BBC Radio 4, 8.15 am) per-forms the useful function of waking peo-ple up for Mass and letting them know the time with fair accuracy. It also use-fully draws attenti

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Lingua franca

In The Tablet last week Dr Eric Mascall and Fr Thomas Corbishley wel-comed The Common Catechism with its informative subtitle, A Christian Book of Faith. And last week its joi

Sign of contradiction Premium

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At Alice in the South African Ciskei there has been since 1961 a Federal Theological College, federal because it comprises constituent Anglican, Congre-gational, Methodist and Presbyterian colleges.

The Tablet notebook Premium

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The church in the world

News and notes from all parts

ROME Premium

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Woman's estate "If women," said Pope Paul vt in a speech on 18 April, "did not receive the call to the apostolate of the Twelve and therefore to the ordained ministry, they are however invited to fal

Mission seminaries Premium

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A week-long conference of seminary rectors in missionary areas took place recently. Among the subjects discussed by the participants, who numbered more than 80, were seminary formation, piety and dis

SPAIN Premium

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Call for social peace After deliberations lasting no less than two years the Spanish episcopate has issued a joint pastoral calling for re-conciliation as a basis for social and political peace. The

USA Premium

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A land made unholy Through their bickering, greed and paternalistic attitudes, Christians in the Holy Land, said Archbishop Joseph Raya, are acting as a "counter-witness" to the gospel message of rec