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Sunday, March 24, 1895.

O THE N Tuesday last, the Feast of St. Joseph the Holy Father said Mass in a chapel VATICAN. adjoining the Hall of Tapestries, in the presence of many foreign and Italian persons. During the week, the following persons were received in audience : Mgr. Valfre di Bonzo, Bishop of Como ; Mgr. Origo, Bishop of Mantua ; Mgr. Vicario, Bishop of Saluzzo ; Mgr. Graziole, Auxiliary of Ferrara ; Mgr. Tacci Porcelli, Bishop of Citta della Pieve ; Mgr. Aldanesi, Bishop of Cagli and Pergola ; Mgr. Jaffei, Bishop of Forll ; Mgr. Gargiulo, Bishop of San Severo ; Mgr. Picone, Bishop of Molfetta ; Mgr. Cialente, Titular-Bishop of Daulia, and Mgr. Gargiulo, Titular-Bishop of Nilopolis. The Dowager Duchess of Newcastle was received in private audience, and the same honour was accorded to M. Georges Python, President of the Fribourg Council of State, and to the Duchesse de Luynes, née de la Rochefoucauld.

THE His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster was received in audience, for a CARDINAL

ARCHBISHOP, second time, on Friday, March 15. His Eminence will probably not leave Rome until the first days of April. On Sunday, March 17, the Feast of St. Patrick, Apostle and Patron of Ireland, his Eminence was present at dinner at the Irish College. Among the other guests present were their Eminences the Cardinals Schonborn and Mecchi ; his Excellency the Spanish Ambassador to the Holy See ; Archbishops O'Callaghan and Passermi ; Mgr. Campbell, Dom Aidan Gasquet, O.S.B., Father Donegan, O.P., Father Hickey, O.P., Count Cassell, Dr. Eyre, Colonel Bernard, &c. On the eve of St. Joseph's Feast, his Eminence baptized at the Patrizi Palace the daughter of the Marchioness Patrizi (née Lee-Cooper), wife of Don Giuseppe Patrizi. There were present Mgr. Dunn, Mgr. d'Armailhaicq, and the parish priest of the church of La Maddalena. On Sunday, March 24, the Cardinal gave a dinner at the English College, at which there were present Cardinal Schonborn, Archbishop Stonor, Mgr. Giles, Rector of the College ; the Rev. Dr. Prior, Vice-Rector of the College ; Dom Aidan Gasquet, O.S.B., Mgr. Dunn, Lord Halifax, Mr. J. W. Birkbeck, Mr. Hugh Millar, the Rev. C. Lindsay, Mr. F. Urquhart and Mr. C. Weld-Blundell.

The festival of St. Benedict was kept by his ST. BENEDICT'S English daughters in Rome with great DAY solemnity in their new Oratory. On the Vigil IN ROME. the ladies who, under the Abbess, form the nuc- leus of the new Community, assumed the habit and veil of postulants. Cardinal Macchi, who is Administrator of the Abbey of Subiaco, and a great patron of the Benedictine Order, said early Mass, at which a number of ladies besides the Sisters received Holy Communion. High Mass was sung by Dom Aidan Gasquet, O.S.B., and in the afternoon Bene-diction of the Blessed Sacrament was given for the first time in St. Benedict's by the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. The Monstrance which was used was a beautiful work of art ichly set with amethysts and diamonds, the gift of one of the postulants. The candlesticks, the exquisite rose-point lace, many ornaments of the altar, and abundance of flowers, were presented by devoted friends. All the services were accom-panied by the chaunt of the Community, whose rendering. of St. Dunstan's Mass, Rex Sfilendens, from the ancient English Gradual, was an example of true religious music that impressed by its sweetness and dignity the large gathering from the British colony who assisted at the function.

Hardly had Lord Halifax arrived in Rome LORD than it was erroneously stated that he had been HALIFAX IN received in audience by the Sovereign Pontiff, ROME. who, according to the certain information of one wiseacre, "had more than met him halfway, and had expressed himself as willing to efface the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and Celibacy (sic), in order to facilitate the reunion of Christendom." As a matter of fact, Lord Halifax was received in audience on Thursday, March 21. The audience began at half-past twelve and lasted forty minutes, the chief subject of conversation being Christian unity. Mr. Birkbeck, the companion of Lord Halifax, was then admitted to the presence of the Sovereign Pontiff,. and passed some time in conversation, Lord Halifax also remaining present. Lord Halifax was dressed as gentleman-in-waiting to the Prince of Wales, and Mr. Birkbeck was dressed as for pre-sentation at Ccurt. Mgr. Merry del Val and Mr. Hartwell de is Garde Grissell, were on duty in the ante-chamber. Both Viscount Halifax and Mr. Birkbeck afterwards repaired to visit the Cardinal Secretary of State in his own apartments. Lady Halifax has since arrived in Rome, Litt was not present at the audience.

The Don Chisciotte of to-day writes : " A RUSSIA ANDrather active interchange of communications THE is taking place between the Russian Cancelleria HOLY SEE. and the Vatican. Besides the grace accorded by the Emperor Nicholas to certain Polish priests, it is further stated with insistence that Russia has offered encouragement to the plan of reunion of the Eastern Churches." The news is not so likely to be inexact as its appearance in a Liberal paper might lead us to believe. If the encouragement given to the Pope's efforts for reunion exist in fact, it may be that the intense opposition which I am credibly informed was until lately made to the good dispositions of the Emperor in this regard has been overcome. According to the same secret source of information I have been informed that from the very time of his accession to the throne it has been the desire of the Tsar to show favour to the Christianly-inspired appeal of the Sovereign Pontiff calling the Eastern Churches to reunion.

The Vera Roma writes : "The sale of the THE BORGHESE historic Borghese Palace has been decided PALACE. upon, and the starting price will be about 400,000 francs. As after Easter Don Scipione Borghese, son of the Prince Don Paolo, will marry a very rich member of the De Ferraris family, we hope that the bride, not-withstanding certain recent losses, will purchase the Palace of her husband's ancestry ; will throw open its doors to her future noble relations, and will chase away for ever the living oppro-brium which answers to the name of Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry."

The allocution delivered by the Holy Father THE in the Consistory of March a touched,in the first RECENT place, upon the anti-religious Hungarian laws ALLOCUTION. concerning marriages. In her desire to ward off such an evil from the good fortune of Hungary the Church had made resistance to the full of her power, but vainly. He then explained the essential spiritual evil of the laws. To these causes of sorrow from without were to be added others which existed at home. The deferring of the Exequaturs, rightfully due to the Italian Bishops, was a grave infraction of the rights of the Sovereign Pontiff. This delay intercepted the action of the Apostolic authority, and impeded the exercise of a right which is innate in, and peculiar to, the Roman Pontiff, to whom it pertains not simply to select, but to place in their sees the pastors of the flock. The violation of his rights was the greater as the Apostolic See was supremely careful in the choice of bishops, and selected none who were not approved in manners, doctrine, and matured experience of affairs. Hence the State had no cause of fear on this account, nor any legitimate desire unful-filled. Finally, the granting of the Exequaturs was not to be taken as any adequate or satisfactory change in the present condition of things, injurious to the Roman Pontiff and unfor-tunate for the Italian people.

It is rumoured as probable that the Abbe ITEMS OF Duchesne will be designated in succession to NEWS. M. Geffroy as chief of the Ecole Francaise de Rome.—Mr. F. Urquhart, B.A., Balliol College, Oxford, is staying with the Fathers at San Silvestro, in Capite. —Mr. C. Weld-Blundell is staying at the Hotel Victoria, but will leave very shortly for Cannes. —The Russian pope, Nicholas Tolstoi, will probably celebrate Easter in Rome.—The Bishop of Southwark left Rome early in the week.

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