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The Central Committee of the Soviet Anti-Deist Association is making collections for what remains of Red Spain, part of the funds to be devoted to the erection of a rest house bearing the name of "the greatest atheist of the Spanish proletariate, La Passion-aria." Three thousand children of Spanish atheists fallen in the war will be educated in the institution "as pioneers and propagandists of atheism." Sr. Largo Caballero has been nominated " Atheist of Honour," and the telegram informing him of this distinction "expresses the hope that he will pursue without hesita-tion the task of combating Church and religion." Another manifesto of the same organization has the following :

"Our plan is to fling all the Churches of the world into a bath of fire. Our atheistic movement has grown into a formidable power that will submerge all religious sentiments, it being one of the main engines of our class warfare ; but our anti-religious action needs intensifying to make the sapping of the foundations of the Old World successful. Whatever religion they belong to, the servants of God must be made to realize that no God, no Saint, no prayer can save the world of capitalism from collapse. "

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